What I Miss in Blogging

How blogging word has changed

Vinitha Dileep


I have been blogging for more than seven years now. I don’t know how many posts I’ve published so far. I don’t keep track of them. There are more of those scribbles living in my notebooks.

Is it ever possible to keep track of all that a person writes? All those thoughts that flash and vanish; the traces of which might appear on a piece of paper. How can you count them!

In my writing journey, I’ve met quite many beautiful souls. In the beginning, it felt unusual — to connect with someone somewhere just like that. All that was there to go on was the words they shared. As I stayed on my path and kept moving forward the number of connections kept increasing.

That was the time when we didn’t just whoosh past with a friendly glance. We made sure to stop and chat, we gave each other ideas and suggestions, we helped each other with feedback, and showered encouragement to each other. We were there for each other. We knew one another. We were a community. We definitely didn’t whoosh past with just a glance.

The blogging world has changed tremendously since then. It’s all about monetization and niche and audience retention now. Sharing is caring because sharing generates more traffic. It changed. It changed so much that many familiar faces are not here anymore.

I don’t like seeing a newcomer dishing out blogging advice. But that’s what they do these days. It’s about brands and collaborations. Of course, Instabloggers is another terminology that I am familiar with which I wish I weren’t!

I am not left out in this change of scenery. I have got emails from brands claiming to improve my traffic for featuring their products, too. Funny, the big brands miss out on checking my Instagram account because if they did they would never approach me for promoting their fashion products!

It all became a business transaction. Passion is not required. All you need is the willingness to bend the story, your story to show how much important that product is in yours and others life.

I keep going forward in my path and I miss seeing those familiar like-minded faces that made my journey a happy one. Thank god for the unconverted ones. They give me hope.

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Vinitha Dileep

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