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Every year since 2015 I have been setting a word of the year. Normally by the last week of December, I would be certain of my word for the next year. But this time I had a difficult time coming up with my word of the year.

A word of…

Prose Poem

and the many games it plays!

Photo by Jeppe Hove Jensen on Unsplash

Sometimes the mind is adamant. No writable words peering or falling out.

That feeling of I’m empty seeps through when the mind holds out on you.

But you know it is not true. You have seen glimpses enough to conclude that the mind is not devoid of words. …

Year-End Reflection

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

I feel hopeful as 2021 is slowly fading into the pages of memory. 2021 for me was a year of test, frustration, and impatience. It’s the year where I felt nothing I did was good enough.

Progress was my word of the year 2021. And to be honest, I made…

Prose Poem

I tell myself

Image by Alexandra Haynak on Pixabay

“I am enough”, the lies I tell myself!

Sometimes it makes me happy and able.

So I keep up with the charade and chant,“I am enough”.

Often, though, the lies stare at me and it hurts like hell.

I am trying my best. Another lie. …

A Prose-Poem

the delicate dandelion

The petals of dandelions appear delicate yet they are so fearless to blatantly show their beauty. It’s not fragile, or vulnerable in a negative sense.

Getting to show off their uniqueness — the fragility, the vulnerability, the ability to free itself from the flower and wander off slowly, elegantly and…

Haiku | Poetry

Day 3 of Gratitude

Image by author

basil plant sprouting
amidst withered companions
gratitude in heart

This little bud survived our harsh Phoenix summer when no other plants in our backyard could! Seeing this tiny sprout was such a delight.

I hope this little guy survives the next summer too.

Vinitha Dileep is a lover of words…

Vinitha Dileep

A lover of words, a blogger, a writer who loves stringing words together & adoringly calls them poems.

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